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author /3deeper
Game-ready 3D model: Zombie1

Technical Information:
Video preview

Physics baked for all of my animations and set inside Unreal/Unity as a cloth simulation.
Character rigged on epic skeleton Unreal Engine 5 and Humanoid for Unity in separate mesh packages.
The model is completely modular, you can remove or add some parts. Unity pack contains 2 mesh sets in 5 prefabs from 3 skins:
Zombie1_Full1 - faces 14258 verts 14922 tris 28305
Unity Base_Mesh_Zombie1_Full2 - faces 17389 verts 18203 tris 34488
Unreal SK_Zombie1_Full2_w_proxy_mesh - faces 18192 verts 19029 tris 36094

The pack contain maya file with human ik set for you animations.

PBR Textures 4096pix .png(down to 1024х1024):
81 unreal: BaseColor, Normal, OcclusionRoughnessMetallic, Emissive
99 unity: normal, metallic, height, roughness, albedo, ambient occlusion, emissive
+1 skin maps on my

The version has color customizable parts. The dress of the model are desirable to use a shader with two-sided display of polygons(one for built-in render +2 for urp, hdrp renders are included and set).

The model contains 17 animations with baked dynamics, standard unreal animations are just for skeleton retarget demonstration. Animation type list: Attack, DeathBackward, DeathForward, Double_Attack, Double_Bite, Eat, Hit, HitBehind, Idle, IdleCalm, Scream, StandUpBack, StandUpFront, Turn0-180, Turn180-0, Walk, WalkHands.

LOD information (count, number of levels) Unreal(3)
19 Texture sets: Body, Body_Dress_Unity, Brain, Eye, Dress, Flash, Flash_Dress, Jaw, Skeleton, Skeleton_Dress, Skull, Tag, Tag2, Tag3, Teeth_Above, Teeth_Below, Tract, Tract2, Underbrain.
Preparation time ~2 months