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Game-ready animated 3D model: Worm1

Video preview

The character is rigged on custom skeleton UnrealEngine5 / Unity in separate packages. Unity asset contains HDRP/URP packagess(read the help file "howto_activate_renders" inside "Shaders" folder, follow the instructions for applying).
The pack contains 2 Unity/2 Unreal prefabs from 1 quadrangulated mesh sets:
Worm1_Full_01 - faces 23103 verts 23286 tris 46061

PBR Textures 4096pix .png(down to 1024х1024):
38(+18 on my unreal: BaseColor, Opacity, Emissive, Normal, OcclusionRoughnessMetallic
44(+21 on my unity: ambient occlusion, base color, opacity, emissive, metallicSmoothness, normal

All the parts are color customizable.

The model contains 23 animations for unreal/unity: Death, Death_2, Dig, Dig_W_Tentacles, Eating, Get_Hit, Get_Hit_2, Hit_Both, Hit_Left, Hit_Right, Hit_Tentacles, Hawl, Idle, Idle_2, Lift, Lift_W_Tentacles, Move_Forward, Move_Forward_Fast, Spit, Tentacles_With_Hit, Turn_Left, Turn_Right, Underground_Tentacles.

LOD information (count, number of levels) Yes(3 Unreal tested)
5 Texture sets: Body, Head, Teeth, Outer_Eyes, Inner_Eyes.

Preparation time ~1 month