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author /3deeper
Game-ready 3D model: PostApocalypticGirl
Preparation time 4.5 months
The model is completely modular, you can remove or add any part you want. The pack contains 3 prefabs:
PostApocalypticGirl_Full_1 - faces 73283, tris 73421, verts 37310
PostApocalypticGirl_Full_2 - faces 80322, tris 80460, verts 41094
PostApocalypticGirl_Full_3 - faces 44019, tris 44079, verts 22541
Totally of all the parts - faces 149144, tris 149282, verts 75981
The model contains 49 animations:
Pull/push weapons(x4)
Long Jump(x3)
Get Hit(x6)
Run Forward(x3)
Shot weapons(x2)
Reload weapons(x2)
Side steps left(x3)
Side steps right(x3)
Walk forward(x3)
Walk backward(x3)
+ both the weapons are rifle and 2 pistols made from 5 parts for each one and animated for reloading
PBR Textures
(83 textures for Unreal Engine)/(164 for Unity Engine) 4096 - normal, metallic, height, roughness, albedo, opacity, occlusion
23 Texture sets - Inner Eye, Outer Eye, Body, Lashes, Bandana, Belt, Boots, Coat, Dress, Leg Covers, Mask, Cap, Bag, 5 for pistols, 5 for rifle
Body texture contains 2 options, Boot texture contains 2 options, Coat texture contains 2 options, Dress texture contains 2 options, Cap texture contains 2 options
The cutout body under the coat for your asset of head version is included
In the model it is desirable to use a shader(isn't included) with a two-sided display of polygons
The pack doesn't contain scripts/blueprints.
Wish You Profit Everyone!