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author /3deeper
Game-ready 3D model: KatanaGirl1

Video preview

Live Link Face: Yes

Include weapons: Katana-sword, 2 pistols

Cloth simulation: Physics baked for all of my animations.

Character rigged on epic skeleton UnrealEngine5 and for Unity in separate mesh packages

The model is completely modular, you can remove or add any part you want. The pack contains 7 prefabs:

Katana_Girl1_Full_01 - tris 171252

Katana_Girl1_Full_02 - tris 120304

Katana_Girl1_Full_03 - tris 97895

Katana_Girl1_Full_04 - tris 176040

Katana_Girl1_Full_05 - tris 135769

Katana_Girl1_Full_06 - tris 83617

Katana_Girl1_Full_07 - tris 86482

PBR Textures 4096pix .png(down to 1024х1024) :

222 unreal: BaseColor, Normal, OcclusionRoughnessMetallic

304 unity: normal, metallic, height, roughness, albedo, opacity, ambient occlusion

The version has color customizable body, hair, several parts. The head contains 52 live link Apple blendshapes. You can try to set up the physics of chain by yourself, but its rig is baked for my custom animations only. Boots, jacket, scarf and sleeves of the model are desirable to use a shader with two-sided display of polygons.

The model contains 92 animations for unreal(100 for unity) including ones with baked dynamics, standard unreal animations just for demonstration), 32(36) with sword, 29 with modular guns(animated for shooting and reloading), and the rest ones are for body with no weapon. Animation type list:

GetHit2, HitSword, GoBack, Idle1, Jump, Killed1, Idle2Sword, Idle2, DiagonalHitSword2, JumpHitSword, Death2, PullGunsOut, PushGunsBack, GunsReload, DiagonalHitSword, WalkForward, Idle, RunForward, BattlePoseSword2, GoLeft, GoRight, GetHit, Death1, Death1_Dynamic, Death1_Sword_Dynamic, Death1_Gun_Dynamic, GetHit_Sword_dynamic, GetHit_Gun_dynamic, GetHit_dynamic, GoRight_dynamic, GoRight_Sword_dynamic, GoRight_Gun_dynamic, GoLeft_Sword_dynamic, GoLeft_dynamic, GoLeft_Gun_dynamic, BattlePoseSword_Sword_dynamic, BattlePoseSword2_Sword_dynamic, RunForward_Sword_dynamic, RunForward_Gun_dynamic, RunForward_dynamic, Idle_dynamic, Idle_Sword_dynamic, Idle_Gun_dynamic, WalkForward_Sword_dynamic, WalkForward_Gun_dynamic, WalkForward_dynamic, DiagonalHitSword_Sword_dynamic, GunsReload_dynamic, PullGunsOut_dynamic, PushGunsBack_dynamic, Death2_Sword_dynamic, Death2_Gun_dynamic, Death2_dynamic, JumpHitSword_Sword_dynamic, CrossHitSword_dynamic, Idle2_dynamic,Idle2_Sword_dynamic, Idle2Sword_Sword_dynamic, Killed1_Gun_dynamic, Killed1_dynamic, Killed1_Sword_dynamic, Jump_Gun_dynamic, Jump_dynamic, Idle1_Sword_dynamic, Idle1_Gun_dynamic, Idle1_dynamic, GoBack_dynamic, GoBack_Sword_dynamic, GoBack_Gun_dynamic, HitSword_Sword_dynamic, GetHit2_dynamic, GetHit2_Gun_dynamic, GetHit2_Sword_dynamic, Kick_dynamic, Kick_Gun_dynamic, Kick_Sword_dynamic, Kick, Idle2_Gun_dynamic, Jump_Sword_dynamic, CrossHitSword, DiagonalHitSword2_Sword_dynamic, PunchGun_Gun_dynamic, PunchGun, PullSword_out_dynamic, PushSword_in, PullSword_out, PushSword_in_dynamic, RunForward2_Sword_dynamic, RunForward2, GunsFire_Gun_dynamic, GunsFire, BattlePoseSword, Shot_GunL, Shot_GunR, Reload_GunR, Reload_GunL, Reload_GunR2, Reload_GunL2, Shot_GunR2, Shot_GunL2.

LOD information (count, number of levels) Yes(Unreal), No(Unity)

55 Texture sets: Inner_Eye, Outer_Eye, Eyelashes_Above, Eyelashes_Below, Eyelashes_Above_highpoly, Eyelashes_Below_highpoly, Head_Teeth, Bag, Bags2, Belts, Belts2, Belts3, Bandage, Hands, Hands2, Hands3, Hands4, Body1, Body2, Body3, Body12, Body32, Legs, Legs2, Breast, Breast1, Buckles, Holster, Gloves, Boots, Sheath, Cover_Above, Cover_Above2, Cover_Below, Jacket, Jacket_Sleeves, Tooth_Chain, Chain, Zippers_Boots, Zippers_Hands, Zippers_Body, Hairs_SecondLayer, Hairs_Blackout, Hairs_Flyaways, Hairs_ThirdLayer, Feet, Breast, Scarf, Shorts, Body_Unified, Body_Unified_No_Feet_Breast, Body_Unified_For_Blenshapes, Body_Unified_No_Feet_Breast_For_Blendshapes, Gun, Sword.

Preparation time ~9 months